baby food tracker & recipe app

Even though the CDC lists eight top offenders (wheat, soybeans, fish, shellfish, eggs, cow's milk, peanuts, tree nuts), hundreds of foods can cause allergic reactions.

what you can do

  • Slowly introduce and track foods given to your young children.

  • Share their food history and allergy information with caregivers, grandparents and pediatricians.

  • Browse wholesome recipes containing foods you deem to be safe.


  • Add free-form notes to foods in your lists
  • Email a summary of your child’s food and dietary history to whomever may need it
  • Browse or search through hundreds of foods, organized logically in groups.
  • Requires no internet connectivity to browse recipes or manage child’s diet.
  • Privacy: We don't collect any information about you or your kids. Nada...Zip...Zilch.


The app includes over 30 recipes for infants, big kids and the whole family. Recipes fit a wide range of diets and if an ingredient is not OK, we'll tell you. I love creating and sharing wholesome recipes, like this one featured on! Please check out my blog for more!

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The idea for the Little Bites app came about when I was having trouble tracking what I had fed my then 5 month old daughter. Knowing the general recommendation that new parents should follow the “3 day rule” before introducing new foods, I didn’t want to rely on memory or a scribbled piece of paper that I would inevitably lose. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a tool to simplify the management of this important stage of my daughter’s life…her first encounter with solid foods!

I can also say from experience that introducing a variety of nutrient dense foods gradually at a young age will greatly increase the likelihood of your child being a good eater. This is the reason why I’ve chosen to include a recipe component in the app as well: to help inspire and create a family of happy, healthy and well-fed eaters.


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